ACM offers a wide range of narrow elastic and rigid products woven or knitted including:

  • Elastic and rigid Bra straps in either matt or satin finish
  • Jacquard woven elastics in a variety of designs and end uses
  • Printed elastic or rigid tapes using the latest print technologies
  • Knitted elastic and knitted tapes
  • Woven elastic for haberdashery


  • Hook & Eye in tape or cut pieces for intimate and fashion garments
  • Bows which are machine or hand made
  • Metal decorative fobs

All products are offered in greige, bleached or dyed to customer’s requirements. Woven elastic products incorporate only the best quality brand name spandex yarns. Knitted elastics are available using either spandex or rubber threads depending on customers end use requirements.

A fully equipped laboratory tests all products for performance compliance to wash and light fastness, after wash retained modulus and other standard requirements of performance specifications.

Hook and Eye products are assembled with nylon warp knit fabric, galvanised mild or stainless steel hooks and eyes in silver, gold, or dyed to match.

To arrange sampling please contact the factory.